Anchor™️ UHT Milk is our creamy classic from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. Each glass is rich in calcium and protein-essential nutrients for everyone in your family.
Ingredients: Fresh Cow’s Milk.

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About Product
An anchor is made with 100-percent Fresh Milk from New Zealand! Our full cream milk has a creamy, full-bodied taste and contains the goodness of milk, including Protein and Calcium. Fonterra is a cooperative owned by dairy farmers for the benefit of dairy farmers. Our farmers draw on more than 100 years of generational dairy expertise to produce some of the highest quality milk in the world. This commitment to quality extends through every step of our supply chain, from our farms to our tankers, processing plants, and sites, to our distributor networks, and finally to you. Our commitment to quality ensures that your favorite Anchor UHT Full Cream Milk meets the highest standards of safety and integrity. We see the natural potential in everything for Anchor UHT Milk.
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